Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stencil, Fabric, Paint

Two months ago I joined The Stencil Club.  This group of creative individuals have given me the courage to expand and experiment.  It seems that most of the group work on canvas and have art journals and I like to work with fabrics so I am experimenting with my stash of fabrics.    

I have found that I am always adding words to my work.  I purchased two stencils from Stencil Girls that have motivational words and began to test how to use this stencil with fabrics.  My first experiments using fabric scraps and a quilted block and white fabric paint.  

I first took a scrap of colorful fabric to see if the words would show up.  I backed the fabric with freezer paper, taped the stencil to the fabric with painters tape, and began using a makeup sponge to apply the white paint to the fabric.  

I next took the quilted block and followed the same procedure.  

Next using other fabric paints and a make up sponge I applied paint to additional scraps of fabric.

I then decided to try artist acrylic inks.  I had these misters so I filled them with ink.  I laid the stencil on top of the  scraps of fabric and then misted the fabric.  

I ended up making a gift for my daughter a quilted wall hanging form one of my scraps.


  1. i love this! dropping in from Stencil Girl Club!

  2. I adore what you made with the stencils! The way the white works on the fabric is fabulous!

  3. Sharon, just BEAUTIFUL. Stencils are so fun.. the creating does not stop.

  4. Thanks you ladies. I am having fun.